Mantra for Restlessness or Anxiety

moiI can do anything I set my mind to. β€’
I am powerful and use power wisely. β€’
I have a good sense of humor and laugh often.. β€’
This is the mantra I’ve been encouraging some of my students with, and because I try to practice what I preach, I’ve been setting intention on it myself. It’s a mantra for your Manipura Chakra (between your navel and solar plexus) or the one that gets filled with butterflies πŸ˜‰ When you’re nervous, pay attention to your nervous system and what fires are going off in all the different parts of your body. Are your hands sweating? Is your throat constricting? Are you breathing heavy? There’s an exercise to cure just about any emotion if you’re willing to sit in it. And when you sit with your feelings, and ask why with LOVE for your surroundings rather than FEAR, change seems so much more reachable.

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#australiaπŸŒ…Β βž‘οΈ

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